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Sacramento Dating Coach


Welcome! Congratulations on taking your first step to becoming the man that women desire. My name is Jayden and I am a Sacramento Lifestyle/Dating Coach. Whether you are looking to increase your social confidence, gain more friends, or to have an amazing dating life, I will give you the tools to be immensely successful in all of those areas. How? you may ask. The answer is through trial and error. I was very shy and introverted until I was 17. It was at this point when I started to read a lot and implement the knowledge that I had gained and went out day and night to face my fears and socialize not only with women I was attracted to, but also to make new friends as well. After many rejections, relationship failures and roadblocks, I can say that I have discovered the most effective way to go from being a man without any dating options, to a man that knows it is only a matter of time before he attracts the woman of his dreams. I do not teach any manipulation techniques or pick up artist techniques. What I teach is very straightforward and is 100% about being the most authentic you, in both action and words. With that being said, it is far from easy and will take time and effort, but I will be with you every step of the way. Contact me and set up an appointment. Let's get your social life squared away. I look forward to working with you. 


- Jayden 

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Why choose Sacramento's best dating coach?

The Real Hitch is a Sacramento Dating Coach who helps men overcome their fears and approach women whom they are interested in.


I have been actively improving my dating/social life since 2014. Prior to my journey, I was very introverted and closed off to mostly everyone I came into contact with, especially women. Because of this I have put much time into learning how to talk to, attract, and have a good relationship with women I wanted to date. It took me many hours to overcome my fears and take courageous action but after experiencing so many amazing things I would have otherwise not been able to experience, I can honestly say it was well worth it.  After learning these tools and mindset, I now want to help others acquire the same skill set that I now possess. I am 100% confident with my help you can have the social and dating life you deserve.


The Real Hitch utilizes two services.


The first service is phone based allowing discovery of client goals & expectations as well as their sticking points and development of a customized plan to get over it, as well as talk to them so they can overcome whatever issue may be present.


The second service is in field coaching that can occur either at day or night depending on the environment that you are most comfortable in. In this service I will meet up with the client in person and teach them how to approach women in a confident manner. I will also teach them how to overcome any fear associated with this by both showing them and having them go up to women whom they are interested in. I will also develop a customized plan for each client in between my sessions with them so they can improve their social skills in between our meetings.


None of my services are strictly limited to dating although that is my specialty. I also take clients who are interested in overcoming shyness. I help clients overcome shyness in the same manner as those interested in dating. Through modeling in person, the right mindset and confidence, talking philosophy behind it and having them practice over and over again until they develop confidence. I am very confident in my methods because I had social anxiety and extreme shyness and after reading a ridiculous amount of books and going out and applying the knowledge and taking massive action I overcame my anxiety, became confident, and can attract beautiful women. The best part is that I can guide others to have the same confidence, mindset and tools that I learned to use. Stop fumbling, coming up short or playing in the friend zone. Contact the Real Hitch now to learn how to be the best, most confident version of yourself today.

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